As schools resume for 2013, the State Opposition is ramping up the pressure on the
Baillieu Government over its cuts to education in Victoria.

Local Member for Western Victoria Jaala Pulford said parents sending their children
back to school were feeling the impact of two years of savage cuts to education
in Victoria.

“Western Victorian families have made it clear to me that they are struggling to deal
with the $555 million ripped out of education, so we are running a campaign to
pass those views on to the Premier,” Ms Pulford said.

“Mr Baillieu has taken the axe to education and families are the ones bearing the
increased burden.

“Parents across the state are missing out on assistance with uniforms, purchasing text
books, transport costs or even school excursions because of the State Government’s cuts.

“These are fundamental necessities that every child needs to give them the best
opportunity to learn and to participate fully in their schooling.

“Instead, the message from Spring Street is ‘you are on your own.

“So each Labor Member of Parliament will be asking parents to sign a state-wide petition
to make it clear that these cuts are not okay.”

Ms Pulford said the Baillieu Government cuts overwhelmingly targeted students from
disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Whether it’s the Education Maintenance Allowance, VCAL, the School Start Bonus, Fresh
Fruit Friday or the Youth Focused School Service, Mr Baillieu’s cuts to
education are targeting the most vulnerable students,” Ms Pulford said.

“How does Mr Baillieu explain that students most at risk are the ones increasingly
bearing the brunt of his ‘cost saving measures’?”

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