Tony Abbott’s Coalition Government will slash $277 million from Victoria’s hospitals,
heaping more pressure on a system already struggling to cope. 

State Member for Western Victoria Jaala Pulford said the $277 million cuts include $1.15
million from Western District Health Service, $110,000 from Casterton Memorial
and Edenhope and District Hospitals and $74,000 for Heywood Rural Health
meaning patients in and around Hamilton will suffer. 

“Denis Napthine’s cuts were bad enough, now Tony Abbott is slashing $277 million from
Victoria’s hospitals. Of all the states and territories, Tony Abbott has hit Victoria the hardest,” Ms Pulford said.

“Premier Denis Napthine has already plunged Victorian hospitals into crisis, with
clogged emergency departments, ambulances taking too long to reach people in
emergencies and more patients waiting longer than ever for surgery.

“The money Mr Abbott will rip out of hospitals in and around Hamilton could fund 273
surgical operations thereby reducing the waiting list, employ 15 additional
nurses or open 2 new hospital beds,”.

“On a state-wide basis, the money Mr Abbott will rip out of the system could clear the elective surgery waiting list, employ 3,000 nurses or open 500 new hospital beds”.

“Mr Napthine said he would ‘kick and scream’ for a greater share of GST funding,
but he has remained utterly silent on this massive cut to our hospitals that will affect patients’ right across Victoria. 

“You can’t trust the Liberals with our health system. Victoria deserves better.”