The latest Victoria Police statistics show that the crime rate in Horsham
has increased by almost 6.9% compared to the same reporting period in 2011/2012.

The Government’s rhetoric before the 2010 election was about building the future and fixing the problems. Unfortunately, all that the Coalition has managed to do is exacerbate the problems and pass the buck.

There is a problem with crime in Horsham and something needs to be done to fix it.

If the solution is more police, get them. If we need better resourced police, give them the resources. If there needs to be better educational facilities, build them. If it needs to be all of the above and more; this government just needs to do it.

The Baillieu government talks a lot about law and order. They talk about how they are working hard to make the streets safer. In reality what we are seeing is just that – talk. Talk is not enough.  

An increase in assault rates of 84.8% in just one year is what talk gets us.

What the Wimmera needs is action. What we are getting is inaction from a
lazy dithering government and a tired local member.

Where is Hugh Delahunty and his Nationals counterparts? What is Hugh Delahunty doing in Government to find a solution to this problem? What are the Nationals doing in Spring Street to put pressure on the Liberals to give police in country Victoria the resources that they need? 

The Nationals have the balance of power in parliament and time and time again they are selling out to the Liberals and are shirking their obligation to stand up for the people whom they claim to represent – country Victorians.

Peter Ryan and Ted Baillieu are more than happy to place protective services officers at Brighton and Toorak to be glorified ticket inspectors with firearms, but where are the extra police on the ground in Horsham; Nhill; Murtoa; and Dimboola?

“People in the Wimmera deserve better than this. People in the Wimmera deserve to feel safe in their own communities”.

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